Privacy Policy & Rules for Posting Reviews

I take the privacy of every person who comes to my website very seriously. I believe that everyone has the right to privacy. To free you from any worries about the info about you collected here, I decided to create the “Privacy Policy”. Each site you visit gathers some data from you. Here you will find out what information about you is collected by Stroke-of-luck

This section of the website will not only tell you what data we collect but also explain why it is necessary. After reading this chapter, you will understand what we do with the taken info. It is important to mention that the Privacy Policy can be changed. If you want to be up-to-date with any possible changes, check this page of the website. The current version of Privacy Policy works for everyone who visits this site. When a new version appears, all previous ones are not valid anymore. 

At the moment, you are reading Privacy Policy that was updated on October 2020. The main thing that has changed compared to the previous versions is that now this chapter describes the cookies used by the website. 

1. Stroke-of-luck Collects Data

You have to know that this is done not for fun, but for the following reasons: 

  • to provide full security of the website;
  • to improve the usability of the website;
  • to track the browsing actions of website users. 

Here is the list of the information we store:

  • the IP address (without private details about the user);
  • the surfing behaviour of the user;
  • promoting links and ads you click on;
  • the online source where you came from to our website;
  • the keywords you typed in the search engine to find this website.

You do not have a possibility to track this data on your own. 

2. Information That You Provide To Stroke-of-luck By Yourself

As a user, you can provide us with certain data about you. There are several ways to do it:

  • you leave your contacts in order to get in touch with our support team;
  • you sign up for receiving newsletters;
  • you fill out the form to complain about the website;
  • you contact Stroke-of-luck by email.

What data we can get if you do the mentioned actions:

  • your email address;
  • your name;
  • the information included in the message you sent to us.

Stroke-of-luck constantly deletes unneeded data. This means you are going to receive newsletters only in case you signed up for it. You will get an email from the website only if you leave us any message or complaint. Signing up for our newsletters is very easy, and you can do it at any time. By the way, you also have the possibility to unsubscribe it whenever you want. Just click a button, and you will not receive the newsletters anymore. 

3. Your Confidentiality Is Our Priority

All the data we collect about the website visitors is 100% confidential. We also want to make you sure that all this information is stored in an online environment that is fully protected from cyber attacks. 

We guarantee that the data of our users cannot be disclosed to third parties. The only exception is the situation when Stroke-of-luck is obliged to disclose this data. It can happen in case if the judicial authorities or police requests the information by a certain law. 

4. Cookies

Like all the websites on the Internet, Stroke-of-luck uses cookies. The main goal of it is to make the site more convenient to use, provide good security, and comply with all the laws and regulations. We do track the visitors’ surfing behaviour in order to improve Stroke-of-luck. 

If you are not familiar with the term “cookies”, let me explain. They are little text files that your browser receives from a website server. Thanks to this system, you are required to accept cookies on different websites only one time. When you open the site again, your internet browser will know that you have already accepted the cookies. 

Every internet user can deactivate and remove cookies. To do this, you just have to open the settings of your browser. If you have never done it before, open the help file of your browser to learn about it. 

The website Stroke-of-luck analyses the information about its visitors using Google Analytics. This service is able to collect the following cookies:

  • -ga: Type HTTP. The mentioned cookie is saved for two years maximum.
  • _gat:  Type HTTP. This cookie is getting stored when you open the website and getting deleted when you leave it.
  • _gid: Type HTTP.  The considered cookie is created when you open the website and deleted when you leave it.
  • collect: Type Pixel. This cookie is created when you open a certain website and deleted when you leave it. 

If you want to know more about the privacy provided by Google, you can find this information here. Google corporation is based in the US. European Commission determines the level of security provided by this country as acceptable.

5. Websites of external parties (third-party providers)

As you might notice, the website Stroke-of-luck contains links that lead to other sites. The main thing you need to know is that when you click on one of such links, you leave the Stroke-of-luck website. This means our Privacy Policy stops working for you. 

Third-party sites are able to leave cookies or data from their visitors. Stroke-of-luck isn’t responsible for it. If you want to learn more in detail about third-party cookies, open the page with Privacy Policy on the websites you visit. 

6. Exploring, Adjusting And Deleting Visitors’ Data

If it is necessary, users have a possibility to explore, change and / or remove their data on request. Everyone has such a right. Stroke-of-luck is happy to help. Our website guarantees to respect and protect your privacy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to make your request as follows:

  • a written request with your sign mentioning which data you want to explore, change or delete;
  • a scan of a valid ID (it can be a passport or identity card). If you want, you can cover your photo on it.

All the information on the documents must be clearly legible. Otherwise, Stroke-of-luck is not able to process your request. Consider that requests without the copies of your documents will be declined.