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During my life, I have played hundreds of different games in online casinos and learned a lot about each of them. This guide consists of all the information I have collected over the past years. It will help you to start your gambling way not as a beginner but as a pro. If you have never played in casinos before, this guide is exactly what you need.

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Free Casino Games For Those Who Want To Try (Updated March 2023) 

Those who came to a casino for the first time might be scared. How does everything work? What are the rules? Can I lose my money? These and many more questions make most beginners worried. Well, all the risks can be excluded if you play without putting any money on your account. Yes, it is possible! I genuinely believe that the best way to start gaming is by trying demo versions of different games. 

First, let me tell you what the demo is. Basically, it is a game which works exactly like a typical casino one. The difference is, you do not need to risk your money playing it. You are allowed to play as many times as you want. This is a perfect opportunity to find the best games for you, learn the rules, and create your own strategy. Deposit money when you feel you are ready.

Steve Bourie received the following question:When receiving free money for slot play are the odds for using that money the same as real money. Example: I receive $25 for free slot play and insert it in a machine for play would the odds for winning be the same as if I used real $25 money. I never win with their money and needed to ask the question and if there is no difference would there be a law against doing it.

The machines do not differentiate between free play and real money.

They are both treated the same.

Steve Bourie

Owner, American Casino Guide

For me personally playing casino games without risking any money is very relaxing. I would even call it some kind of meditation. In such moments I do not need to fully concentrate on the game since there is nothing terrible about losing. It's a great way to try the slots that are completely new for you and actually "feel the game".

One of the common methods to win is by using numerology and Kabbalah. Honestly, I have not tried this method, but a lot of experienced gamblers say it works. It makes me think that it is worth trying. The most important thing about it is that you can also try using Kabbalah in a training version without taking risks. 

On this page of my website, I am going to show you various demo games which you can play without downloading. It is a pity, but you will not find live casino games with a trial version here. The point is, they do not exist. Anyway, you always have an opportunity to join a broadcast without taking part. It will allow you just to enjoy the live casino atmosphere.

There Is Only One Way To Win Real Money…

When you have already played lots of demos and got experienced, it is time to try something more exciting. I know that some think that they will never start making real money bets, but in the end, they do. The thing is, demos become boring sooner or later and only taking a little risk can make it fun again. I think that the best way to choose a perfect game for yourself is by finding out why certain online slots appeal to you. Just ask yourself a question, "Why did I choose this or that game?"

Here is the list of the most common reasons:

  •  To make money or to hit the jackpot
  •  To spend free time
  •  To try some new activity 
  •  To enjoy the thrill
  •  To get a brick-and-mortar casino
  •  To get a nice welcome bonus

So, when I choose a game for myself, I always define my purpose. Many years of experience helped me to create a special algorithm of selecting the best online games. In this guide, I am going to tell you more about each purpose that makes people play in casinos. 

Before choosing a certain online game, I ask myself: do I want to...

I strongly recommend you to ask yourself these questions before making a choice. After it, you can select a game according to your answers or pick up one of my list of games from the best casinos.

Top UK Casino Games in Nominations:
Jackpot Jester by NextGen Gaming — the most profitable

99% RTP

Starburst by NetEnt— allows making the lowest bet

Bet £0,007 and roll

Wild Shamrock by MultiSlot— the newest

Appeared on the market recently

Furious Furry Friends by The Games Company— has the highest maximum bet

Maximum bet limit here is up to £310000

Dragonara Roulette— Evolution Gaming in Malta

Very famous and nice to play live roulette game made by Evolution Gaming

Mustang Gold by Pragmatic Play— offers the biggest bonuses

Scatter symbol, wild symbol, bonus game — you can get it all in one slot

How I Choose Best Online Games

 When you open the list created by me, you will find lots of different titles there. Every month gaming developers present new products. So, it is pretty natural that users may be confused because of the number of existing slots in online casinos. Another thing is that many games look very similar, and it is hard to get the difference. Actually, some of them are really identical. So, to select the most interesting ones that are worth playing, I always ask myself — what do I want to get from an online game today?

Can I make money with this game? 

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Let's get straight to the point. Most of us come to an online casino dreaming of hitting the jackpot. To find out whether the game is profitable, you need to pay attention to two main things — house edge and RTP. If you are new to the casino industry, you might need some explanation of these terms. 

RTP means return-to-player. Basically, it is a theoretical amount of money you can get from the casino if you become a regular player. In other words, if RTP is 95%, it means that 95% of your wagers will return to you as your winnings. Actually, it is pretty hard to understand if you are a beginner, but as soon as you start playing, you will get the meaning of this term. 

The so-called house edge is the amount of money left from 100% of your wagers. Let's continue the situation with 95% of RTP. In such a case, 5% of your wagers will be given to the casino in the long run. 

The general rule is the higher RTP, the better the game. Speaking of some particular games, I prefer Jackpot Jester by NextGen Gaming, Pixies of the Forest by IGT, and Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest since all of them have RTP around 99% which is very high. If you don't want to lose your money, it is better to avoid playing such games as X-Men by Playtech because its RTP is only 92%.

Where can I find games just for killing time?

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If making money is not your goal, you can play just for fun. The best news about it is that lots of casinos have a comfortable-to-use mobile version or an app. You can play when you are in a long queue or waiting for someone. In such a situation, you are not likely to fully focus on the game, which means chances to lose are high. That's why I suggest you choose slots with minimum bets for such cases. 

Starburst by NetEnt can be the right choice since it allows you to make £0.007 bet. Other options might be Mega Moolah by Microgaming and Buffalo Blitz by Playtech that have the same size of a minimum bet. Some think there are only slots with low bets. However, I have found other types of casino games where you don't have to take much risk when betting. For instance, you can play Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming with a bet £0,15 only. 

I really appreciate the games with low minimum bets as they give me a feeling of safety and I can enjoy the game under any circumstances. The thing is, you can't lose much money if you don't bet much money. Nevertheless, such games also have disadvantages. You can't win a lot if you don't bet a lot. Overall, they are nice to play, but you can quickly get bored. 

Should I play new games? 

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When you have just become a gambler, every next game looks incredibly interesting. Nevertheless, with the flow of time, you find most online slots pretty boring. Even the games that were your favourite ones do not make you very excited anymore. This is precisely the moment when you have to try new gambling products. Since there are a lot of games released every month, you are not going to have problems with finding them. I am in a constant search for new casino games, so you can choose one from my list. Here are my suggestions: Superman by Playtech, Gonzo's Quest VR by NetEnt, Hainan Ice by Playtech, and Pantry Plunder by Sunfox games.

Will I feel the thrill playing this game? 

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If I want to tickle my nerves and feel the thrill, I usually go to one of the online casinos and select a game with very high bets. I am aware of the fact that such a decision can cost me a pretty penny. However, in the case of luck, I will win a lot which makes the whole process very exciting. So, let me introduce you to the games where you can make the highest bets. In Virtual Roulette by EGT you can bet £30900, The Emperor's Tomb by EvoPlay allows you to bet up to £14000. Wild Wolf by IGT is also nice as there you can risk £7700. 

Some casinos also offer so-called high-rolling sections. There you can find games with a maximum bet of £310000. For example, it can be Furious Furry Friends by The Games Company. These are certainly not usual games for everyday playing. Although I have a lot of experience, I do not open such games very often. The danger of losing several hundred thousand pounds just in one spin scares a lot. If you feel that today is your day, and you've got the luck, choose one of the games I recommend and enjoy the thrill! 

Can I feel like in a real casino when playing online? 

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For some, casinos are more than just a place to make quick money and get back to your business. I know a lot of gamblers who like to feel the special atmosphere of such places, watch live games, and exchange some comments with other players. The good thing about online casinos is that you do not need to dress up, leave your super comfortable couch, and drive somewhere after a tough working day. You can play in your favourite sports trousers with a glass of beer or a cup of coffee. Isn't it great? 

When I want to get this special casino mood, hear the sound of spinning roulette or shuffling cards, I just open one of my favourite live games. Here are they: Caribbean Stud Poker, Monopoly Live, Lightning Roulette, and any Blackjack game. 

If I were you, I would also take a look at table games with live dealers. However, I have to say they have some disadvantages. First, you are not likely to find such games with bonuses. Second, you can't try live games without betting real money. So, if you are new to online gaming, it can be quite risky to play until you understand all the rules.

Will I get some bonuses in casino games? 

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One of the advantages online games have is the possibility to get a bonus. Even considering the fact that some land-based casinos make different promotions, they are never as profitable as the bonuses you can get on online gaming websites. For instance, have you ever been to an offline casino which would double your deposit? Me neither. 

Another thing you have to consider is that not only casinos themselves can award you with bonuses. You also can get bonuses for playing particular games. Actually, online slots are the most generous. On my website, you can find games with the best bonuses ever. For this, use the Features filter which is located among other filtres. Let me tell you about some such features. 

Scatter Symbol is a feature that you can get in certain slots. Each game has its own rules, but usually, Scatter Symbol is something like "get 3 scatters on any reel and trigger 10 free spins". There are some slots that offer a crazy number of bonuses. I am talking about Mustang Gold by Pragmatic Play.

Nemo's Voyage (Mobile)
Play for real money

at Casumo Casino


Nemo's Voyage (Mobile)

WMS (Williams Interactive)

Mystery Symbol is a feature that is given in random time. Basically, this is the symbol you need in a certain moment to get a winning line. If such a bonus system appeals to you, try to play Genie Jackpots by Blueprint Gaming.

Cascading wins (or cascading reels) is a type of bonus that makes winning symbols explode. In this way, you get more space for new symbols falling from above. This is very similar to the principle of well-known Tetris. One of the best slots where you can get such a bonus is the Rise of Olympus by Play'n Go.

Bonus Game is a casino term that can have two different meanings. In the first case, it is a set of free spins given to a player, while in the second case, it is a full game given for free. If you like this type of bonus, I suggest you try Blood Suckers by NetEnt.

Expanding Symbol is a kind of symbol that expands over the reel and becomes a bonus symbol that significantly boosts your chances of getting a payline. You will understand the meaning of an expanding symbol much better by playing Starburst by NetEnt.

Nemo's Voyage (Mobile)
Play for real money

at Casumo Casino


Nemo's Voyage (Mobile)

WMS (Williams Interactive)

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What Else Do I Need To Know About Casino Games?

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Now you are familiar with my advice on selecting casino games. I believe that this information is pretty enough to start gambling. All you have to do is just choose one of the games from my list, press the "play for real money" button, and enjoy playing in the casino. Nevertheless, the online gambling world is much more than that. So, if you are a beginner to internet casinos or you are just very curious about each aspect of this industry, I have something more to tell you. In the second part of my guide, I am going to tell you about the most common casino games, different gaming developers, and blacklisted games. Let's dig in!

What Casino Games Are The Most Popular Nowadays?

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Another reason to choose online casinos instead of the land-based ones is that the online ones have a wider variety of games. If you are not living in Las Vegas and do not have access to thousands of different slots, you will be pretty limited by the number of games in a brick-and-mortar casino. 

On the other hand, huge game selection can easily make you confused. When you have to choose between scratch cards, roulette, standard slots, and so on, you can feel lost. In this section, I tried to provide you with a short and clear description of every popular game that can be found online. Don't forget that you can learn more about them playing demos. 

  • Slots are the most popular kind of casino game. To play slots, you do not need any particular knowledge or skills. Whatever slot you choose, your main task is to spin the reels and wait until the symbols fall from above. If you have got a few identical symbols in a row, you won. 
  • Poker is a card game that brings money only to those who are skilled and experienced. It can take a lot of time to learn all the ins and outs of this game, but then you can truly enjoy playing. In addition, you can win a lot in poker. 
  • Video Poker is a bit more difficult than a typical slot but easier than a five-card draw poker. It looks pretty much the same as a slot but to win you need to make some decisions. 
  • Bingo is a quite easy-to-play table game where your main task is to cross the numbers out of the table in order to create a winning line. It is very enjoyable to play after a hard-working day. 
  • Blackjack is a table game that has to be played with a live dealer. You have to get as close as possible to 21 points. However, you should not exceed this number. This is the reason why the other name of the game is "21".
  • Roulette… well, I don't think any explanation is needed. This game is the first thing that comes to my mind when I am thinking of a casino. I suppose your situation is the same. In roulette, you have to guess where the ball will stop. 
  • Baccarat is not as popular as the previous games, but I suggest you try it if you are good at memorising numbers. 
  • Keno is perfect for those who like lotteries. Everything is very simple here: you need to select several numbers from 1 to 80 and wait for a winning combination. The more numbers match with yours, the more you win. 
  • Scratch cards is an online version of a famous lottery. You just get a card, move your mouse to scratch the surface, and see what you got. 
  • Dice games were one of the first gambling activities. Each such a game has its own set of rules which should be read carefully before playing. 

Who creates games for UK casinos?

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Whatever game you choose, you should understand that the casino is not its creator. Probably, casinos would have spent many years to develop all the games they have. So, the truth is each game is made by one of many providers. The providers are companies whose main specialisation is creating, licencing, and promoting different online games. 

Since the gambling industry is constantly growing, the number of such companies is rising. Some of them have just appeared on the market, whereas some are incredibly famous for the games they made for both land-based and online casinos. Lots of people come to this business just to earn money, so they make new slots that are identical to the existing ones. However, there are developers who often come up with super creative ideas for new games and have a recognizable style. 

Here I will tell you about 5 most famous casino games providers:

✅ Microgaming

The company was established in 1994. Since that time it has created hundreds of exciting games. One of the most impressive Microgaming inventions is Mega Moolah, where a player can hit the largest jackpot in the world. 

✅ NetEnt

This developer has created dozens of various casino games but is the most famous for its slots. Vikings and Starburst are NetEnt games with fantastic graphics. They can be found in every decent casino. 


This abbreviation means International Game Technology. It is a huge corporation with more than 12,000 employees who are daily working on creating new excellent games. The company has its offices in Las Vegas, London, Rome, and some other big cities all over the globe. 

✅ Barcrest

This company is not as famous as the ones above, but it is still worth your attention. It was established in 1968 and since then has created a lot of nice games for the UK players. The thing I like the most about Barcrest games is a very high RTP.

✅ Evolution Gaming

Another corporation you may have heard of. This is one of the best live-dealer games developers in the world. I have played in many casinos, but blackjack by Evolution is my favourite table game ever. 

Of course, there are many more great games developers than these five. If you want to learn about the other ones, check the Filter section on my website.

Online Casinos That Should Be Avoided

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It is a big pity, but there are lots of casinos that are unsafe to play in. Some casinos earn money by tricking their users. They do not let people win or simply block players' accounts after they request a withdrawal. The main thing that will help you to distinguish an honest casino from a dishonest one is the presence of licenced games in its game selection. By the way, my list of recommended casinos includes only trustworthy sites. 

Now I will tell you about the strategy that casinos use to fool their users. They buy non-licenced games from shady developers and make them work in the way they need. It means that the games are programmed to not bring winnings to a player. One of the possible ways to recognise a fraudulent casino is to look out for the weirdly huge bonuses with crazy wagering requirements. For instance, if a casino offers you 1,500 pounds as a welcome bonus, you can be sure that it is a fraud. 

Here are the games I put in my blacklist:

Their bonus program is made just to make users deposit more and more money. Affiliate companies of Unibet are tricky as well. Most of the complaints are about troubles with payout. The casino often declines withdrawal requests, and their support does not provide any help in such situations.
The payouts are usually delayed there. This casino often cancels users’ winnings and blocks their account with no reason and explanation.
This casino treats new customers very badly, and the support team does not provide any solutions if you are having problems with their website. Moreover, your winnings might just disappear without a valid explanation.
This casino offers the users to earn money with affiliate marketing, but actually, this is just a trick. 32Red is famous for its unethical business practices. If you don’t want to lose your time and money, do not play there.
This casino often delays payments. Some withdrawal requests are canceled with no explanation and answer from the support. Their affiliate programs are dishonest.
The support team behaves unprofessionally and does not care about customers’ rights. Their affiliate program does not allow users to earn money.
Not a trustworthy casino. I can’t recommend you to play there since I have received tons of emails with complaints about the ClubWorld service. The users say that every time when it comes to the withdrawal process, problems begin. I do not want any of you to experience the same, so the casino goes to my blacklist.
The affiliate program of this casino is completely dishonest. If you win some money in HighNoon, there is no guarantee you will be able to withdraw it. Users often complain about problems with payout.
Poor customer service and slow payout are the main reasons why this casino is on my blacklist. Good casinos do not make their customers wait for ages to get their money.
The users of my website sent me lots of messages where they complain about this casino. Since I respect everyone’s opinion, I cannot recommend you playing in OMNI.

My Conclusion About Casino Games 

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If you do not like to play in online casinos, you just have not found the right game for you yet. When I was working as a casino dealer, I saw a lot of people who thought that such activities are very boring. However, everything changed when they found a slot they really like. At this moment they suddenly turned into incredibly passionate players.

If you did not fall in love with online gambling yet, I suggest you start from demos. In this way, you will have fun without taking a risk. Check many games, try even the ones that seem to be weird at first sight. When you are sure, you gained all the needed skills, start betting real money. You can find the most suitable casinos for you in my list using filters.

Games In Online Casinos Stroke-of-luck.com

What games can I find in a typical online casino?

Basically, all more or less decent casinos have a similar set of games: slots, Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat. There are some casinos that want to attract more players by adding such games as keno, scratch cards, and dice games.

How to start playing with real money?

Well, there is no universal strategy. The main rule is to read the game rules carefully before playing.

What casino games have the best odds?

Speaking of odds, not all games are the same. For example, when you are playing poker, your chances to win depend on both your luck and skills. Meanwhile, when you spin the reels in some slot, you have to rely only on your luck. Overall, the list of games with the best odds includes roulette, blackjack, and slots.

Are there any particular beatable games?

Lots of people believe that in some games it is easier to win. As an experienced gambler, I can assure you that with the right amount of time, skills, and effort, you can win in any casino. However, there are no special beatable games.

Can I play in casinos at home?

Thanks to the modern technologies and the people who invented online casinos, you do not need to spend your time and energy getting to a land-based casino. All you have to do to start playing is to choose a reliable website, register there, and… start!

How can I win online games?

The golden rule of any online gambler is to choose only honest and fair casinos. Such sites should have a UKGC licence and positive feedback from their users. It is also important to try a demo version of a game before betting real money. The last rule I want to mention is choosing the games with a higher RTP as it significantly increases your chances to win.

What online games can I play for free?

Almost all games I know are existing in a demo version which means you can play them for free. The exception is the games where you play with a live dealer. To play them, you have to risk your money.

At what age can I start gambling?

If you do care about legal aspects (which I appreciate), you are allowed to play from 18 years old.

How can I hack a casino game?

If you mean real hacking with special computer software, I will definitely not give you any advice since this is illegal. If you want to play legally and be protected by the law, you need to use your knowledge and put some effort. When I started my gaming way, I also had zero experience, but now I can call myself a professional gambler.