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Live-Dealer Roulette — Play and Win Real Money

If you want to enjoy playing in a casino but do not want to take big risks, Live Roulette is perfect for you. This game is available in most online casinos and convenient to play online. Roulette with a live dealer makes you feel like you are in a land-based casino. Isn't it great? In this guide, I am going to show you the way to choose the best Live Roulette in the UK. Here you will also find a list of winning strategies created by me.

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My Algorithm for Choosing a Live Roulette Game

Live Roulette is an ideal game for those who are fond of taking an active part in the gaming process instead of just waiting for the luck to come. Why? Because this type of online game provides you with an opportunity to decide yourself how much risk to take and when to stop betting. 

An important thing every player can control is the quality of the casino. It is really crucial since all your gaming skills and strategies will not work in a shady casino. It is better to avoid taking this kind of risk and check the reliability of the gaming website. You have the chance to win only in case you play in a secure and trustworthy casino with a UKGC certificate. I will tell you more about it later. 

Each casino you see on my list is checked by me carefully. I have to admit that I am a perfectionist which means I pay attention to every little detail. To make the best choice, you have to do a quality check-up and then find the game that meets your current demands. That's what I do every time I wanna play in a casino. Here is the main question you have to ask yourself before selecting a game: what do I expect from the game at the moment? 

I spent plenty of time creating the list of the best Live Roulette games that would suit gamblers with any purpose. The information included in this list will save you a lot of time and money. It is better to choose a game from a reliable source than pick a random one and lose all cash. 

Top UK Live Roulette Games in the following nominations:
Atlantic City Resorts Roulette by Evolution Gaming — the best gambling atmosphere.

You can enjoy a real casino vibe without leaving your couch.

Aspers Casino Roulette by Authentic Gaming — the greatest dealers.

Dealers speak excellent English and are really helpful.

Speed Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming — the fastest.

Perfect for the situations when you want to have just a quick Roulette round.

Double Ball Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming — the most dynamic.

Here you will definitely have a lot of fun and good winnings.

French Roulette by NetEnt — the most lucrative.

Roulette with fantastic odds.

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming — the best mobile version.

You can play the game from any mobile device.

PlayKasino — the most generous bonus.

A Live Roulette tournament can bring you impressive winnings.

Casiplay Casino — the widest selection of Live Roulette games.

More than 20 Live Roulette games are available.

My Guide for Selecting the Best UK Live Roulette Online

Before I start explaining to you the process of choosing the best Live-dealer Roulette, I would like to talk about this game in general. Lots of players are wondering whether there is a big difference between Live-dealer Roulette and a Roulette in land-based casinos? Another thing many people are curious about is whether a regular online Roulette differs significantly from the Live-dealer one? The answer to all these questions is very simple. Live Roulette is everywhere the same. Nevertheless, I consider it the best among all others since this is a golden opportunity to get the real casino vibe without going to a land-based casino. 

Let me tell you why I like online Live Roulette so much. The thing is, when you play in a brick-and-mortar casino, you are limited by the opening and closing hours of the place. For instance, I love playing at night when most of such casinos are closed. Another thing is that land-based places are always full of people. On the one hand, it's nice to have a company. On the other hand, they distract a lot. So, if you are going to play not just for fun but also for money, this might be not the best option. Finally, most brick-and-mortar casinos are still closed due to the pandemic. In short, online Live Roulette is an excellent choice for all times. 

You also can play regular online Roulette with no need to go anywhere. That's right. However, in this type of game, players are not able to get a special casino atmosphere and interact with a live dealer. All these things make the whole gaming process much more exciting. Live online Roulette combines the best — casino vibe, availability, and a chance of good winnings.

Main Benefits of Live Roulette:
  • ✔️
    You can play at any time of a day and night
  • ✔️
    Other players do not distract you from the game
  • ✔️
    It does not get closed because of the pandemic
  • ✔️
    You can interact with live dealers like in a brick-and-mortar casino
Live Roulette Disadvantages:
  • You don't get as strong casino vibe as in a land-based casino (but it's anyway better than with regular online Roulette)
  • There are no demos available

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Now I offer you to take a look at the main steps for choosing a decent casino with Live Roulette games. Here are the questions I always ask myself before starting to play a Live Roulette.

Will I get enough of the casino vibe?

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One of the things I love about Live Roulette games is that I can feel like I'm making a bet in a land-based casino which is totally impossible if the game is streamed from some poorly-lit place with bad quality video. Therefore, I normally choose the games streamed from real land-based casinos with Hi-Res 4D cameras that are moving automatically. However, such games require a perfect internet connection which means they are impossible to play on the go. In any case, high-quality gambling is worth your time and attention. If you wanna get this kind of live gaming experience, opt for the Atlantic City Resorts Roulette made by Evolution Gaming. This game is broadcasted from one of the most impressive casinos in the world.

Will I have an opportunity to communicate with professional dealers?

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In Live Roulette, your gaming experience always depends not only on the video resolution, graphics quality, and gameplay but also on the professionality of the dealer. In the best live games on the web, you will be able to interact with a real professional who speaks English perfectly and is nice to have a chat with. If you think such dealers are practically impossible to find, it is not correct. There are a lot of Live Roulette games with fantastic dealers on my website. Speaking of my own preference, I like the dealers in the Aspers Casino Roulette by Authentic Gaming.

Can I play a game quickly and leave the casino?

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We all are busy. I know that lots of people only rarely have an opportunity to dedicate the whole evening to a good casino game. Sometimes you just want to have a quick game, make a bet, and get back to your business. It happens to me, too. In such situations, I select one of the speed Roulette tables where everything is significantly more fast-paced than in the regular Live Roulette. In this type of a game, a player has much less time to make bets, and the wheel is spinning faster than usual. As for me, the Speed Auto Roulette by Evolution Gaming is a perfectly fast Live Roulette — opt for it if you are pressed for time. 

Is there a super dynamic Live Roulette?

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Most live games in online casinos are not very dynamic. This is due to interacting with a real dealer. If you are playing not against a machine, the process is slower. When I feel like playing something very dynamic, I opt for the double ball Roulette. As you may understand from the title, the game features two balls instead of one. Both of them are simultaneously put on the wheel. In this case, all the main rules of a Live Roulette remain the same. However, you have two exclusive bets instead of one. Such a game is created by Evolution Gaming which is one of the best gaming developers in the world. Choose Double Ball Live Roulette to have more dynamic. 

Can I make good money with this game?

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If you have been a gambler for a long time, you probably know that there are three main types of Roulette. I am talking about the French, American, and European ones. I am going to tell you about each of them in more detail later as I know some casino beginners read my guide. Now I would like to mention the most important information about these types of Roulette you should know. The French game has the highest payout rate since the wheel of this game contains only one zero slot. If my goal is just to make as much money as possible, I always give my preference to the French Live Roulette. There are lots of them, actually. So, to not get lost among plenty of options, I suggest starting with the game created by NetEnt

Is it convenient to play this game on a mobile device?

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As I often mention in my guides and reviews, I do not like playing live games such as a Roulette on the go. The point is, you can fully enjoy the process only if you have a stable internet connection. Nevertheless, at times I do play a Roulette on my tablet. Usually, it happens when I do not have a laptop with me. A Live-dealer Roulette will work well on mobile devices only in case it is developed to fit a smaller screen and provides a good response to your actions. In my opinion, one of the games with an excellent mobile version is the Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming. Another benefit of this Roulette is the possibility to make low bets. Normally, it is hard to focus when playing with a phone, so this feature prevents losing big amounts of money. Another mobile-friendly game is Jackpot Village which can be found in practically any casino. 

Will I get good bonuses in this game?

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Perhaps, one of the worst things about Live Roulette is lack of bonuses. In most cases, they simply do not give any bonuses to the player. Moreover, I cannot even wager my welcome bonus in this game. Well, I must admit that there are some exceptions. For instance, if you play in a PlayKasino, you can participate in their "Buy-in" and "Freeroll" tournaments where you can receive bonus offers. 

Launched 2019
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Claim up to 200 Spins on Rich Wilde & Book of Dead
Claim up to 200 Spins on Rich Wilde & Book of Dead

Bonus fornew customers,


Min Dep £10

  • Launched 2019
  • Withdrawal Methods Neteller, Paysafe, Skrill, Solo (debit card), Switch, VISA, Webmoney
  • Software NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution, Pragmatic Play, Play'n GO
  • Licenсes UKGC, MGA

Is the game selection wide enough?

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Maybe you think that I always know which game exactly I am going to play today. However, it's not like that. At times, it happens that I can't make up my mind about the slot or online game I wanna play at the moment. In such situations, it is best to visit casinos with a huge variety of different games. Such places give you an opportunity to have a really good time instead of betting in the same slot for the whole evening. I would recommend you to visit Casiplay if you are looking for a good games choice. This website offers more than 20 kinds of games which is impressive.

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Live Roulette Facts and Tips

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You already know how to choose a good Live-dealer Roulette game. At this stage, you can just scroll down the page, select one of the games tested by me, and start betting. However, there is also another option. Keep reading this guide and find plenty of useful information I prepared for you. 

Live Roulette vs slots: Why is the game with a wheel crazy popular?

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If someone asked me what are the most popular games in online and offline casinos all over the world, I would call slots and Roulette. You can find them in any gambling place. Millions of people play them every day. As for me, both types of games are exciting and worth playing. Nevertheless, I totally understand why lots of gamblers give their preference to Roulette.

You are given a possibility to control different things in Roulette. You might say that the player also needs luck in Roulette. Yes, it is right. But in this game, you can change bets and use various betting strategies which might help you to win. So, it is much more interesting than just watching a spinning wheel. 

Roulette has remarkably better odds of winning. Of course, it is different in each casino. However, the house edge rarely exceeds 3%. Plus, a player can make the game even more profitable if he chooses the French version. This is another way of controlling the game. 

There are no live slots which mean this type of game will never provide you with the same exciting experience as Live-dealer Roulette. Well, you can play "live slots" if you come to a land-based casino. But I consider Roulette a much better option since you can get the casino vibe after pressing a couple of buttons. 

Three main kinds of live roulette games

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Usually, casinos offer a great variety of live games. It can be Double-ball Roulette, Auto-Roulette, Speed Roulette, and others. After you take a closer look, you see that all of them are divided into three categories:

✅ French Roulette. This is a type of game that is played with a wheel that has 36 numbers plus one zero. Speaking of the betting table, all the numbers are positioned there horizontally. Players all over the world like French Roulette because it has the highest odds. If I want to win a lot of money, I opt for this type of game. 

✅ European Roulette. It is the most popular type of Roulette. Most online and offline casinos offer such a game. The wheel has 36 numbers and a zero. The betting table of European Roulette looks a little different from the French one. The main distinction between these two types is that the European Roulette does not have "la partage" and "en prison" rules. This is quite sad actually as the mentioned features are really cool. I've already described them in other roulette guides. 

✅ American Roulette. The thing that makes this Roulette different from the two previous ones is that the American Roulette has a double zero. Such a feature noticeably increases the house edge (up to 5.3%), which makes the whole game less profitable. It is definitely not my favourite game, and I play it quite rarely. However, if you want to become a real casino pro, you should try the American Roulette, too.

The most useful links based on Live Roulette lovers feedback

Live Roulette tips

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You can find a lot of Roulette betting strategies on the internet. I believe that all of them are worth trying. If you want to find a perfect one for you, I suggest checking the section of my guide dedicated to this topic. Now I want to tell you two important things that will help you to save money and increase your winnings in Live-dealer Roulette. 

First, each successful player feels the "waves" of the game. It may sound strange, but there will be ups and downs that you should feel and predict. The main task is to make a bet when the winning wave is coming and leave the game when it's gone. If you want more precise info, 3-5 losses are the signal to stop betting. I know that it is difficult to get this feeling at the beginning. However, you will learn it, and it will change the whole gaming process in your eyes. 

Second, you need to learn how to manage your bankroll in the right way. It will help you to keep gambling reasonable and lucrative. The main thing is to count the amount of money you bet every time you play and the amount of money you win. You also have to track how much you lose on every game. If you do not want to get into trouble, I suggest you set a limit for every day or every month. Then decide how many times you wanna play during this period of time and split this money into several parts. This means you should have a limit for each gaming session. 

Whatever roulette betting strategy you use, you will never have big losses if you follow the mentioned rules. 

“Thing is, the more the game relies on computer-generated random outcomes, the more they move away from what attracted many (myself included) to live dealer games: real physically generated random, rather than simulated random.

Having a real dealer there smiling and commenting on the outcome doesn't change this.”


the administrator of a Livedealer forum

How to select a casino with good Live Roulette games

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When you choose a game you want to play, you have to do one more thing that is very important. Your task now is to find a reliable casino where you can play Live-Dealer Roulette and make good money. If you do not want to lose your time, pick one of the casinos from my list. Each of them was double-checked by me. But if you prefer to make a choice by yourself, there are some things to consider before you make a bet on some gaming website. 

✅ Licence. Every trustworthy casino should have a licence from UKGC. If you want to be protected by the UK laws while playing, opt only for such casinos. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regularly checks different gaming websites and revokes the licence if the place does not comply with all the requirements. 

✅ Certificates. This is another sign that the casino is safe. Choose places that have a safety and fairness certificate given by a testing agency like eCOGRA. 

✅ Security. You can withdraw your winnings from a casino only after verifying yourself. For it, you are required to show scans of your documents to the casino. I suppose you understand that the information included in your ID should not be disclosed to third parties. If the casino website has at least 128-bit encryption, it is a good place to play. It means your personal data will be 100% secure. 

✅ Customer support. It is not the most important thing, but still, it is something you have to pay attention to. Your gambling experience will be much better if support answers your questions quickly and professionally. Opt for the casinos that offer around-the-clock support and more than one way to contact them.

Live-Dealer Roulette — Play and Win Real Money Stroke-of-luck.com

How can I predict Live-dealer Roulette?

Roulette is a totally random game which means it is impossible to predict what happens. Of course, you can experiment with different betting strategies as it might be really helpful. In any case, do not expect to win each time you play.

Can Roulette dealers cheat?

It depends on the casino where you play. If the gaming website is licenced by UKGC, cheating is impossible. If you have never played in online casinos before, it is better to choose a good website from my list. Only reliable and safe casinos are included.

What are the most popular types of Live Roulette?

Roulette has three main types — French, American, and European. There is no big difference between them. But I recommend you to try all three to select the one you like the most.