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Below you will find the list of online casinos where you can play Roulette! Compare casinos and bonuses to find the best one!

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Plush Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Gibraltar ...
  • Cashback: Yes

Plush Casino Review

Choose your bonus:

  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 20x
    • Minimum deposit of: £10
    • Welcome bonus up to £850 + 25 spins on Wolf Gold
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  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 0x
    • Minimum deposit of: £50
    • 10% Cashback on your first deposit
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Atlantic Spins Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Malta Gaming Authority ...

Atlantic Spins Casino Review

Choose your bonus:

  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 40x
    • Minimum deposit of: £10
    • £10 Welcome Bonus + 10 Extra Spins on Starburst Slot



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Seven Cherries Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Gibraltar ...

Seven Cherries Casino Review

Choose your bonus:

  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 40x
    • Minimum deposit of: £10
    • 100% up to £10 + 10 Extra Spins on Starburst
    Get bonus!

Wixstars Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 2 Licenсes: Malta Gaming Authority ...

Wixstars Casino Review

Choose your bonus:

  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 35x
    • Minimum deposit of: £20
    • 125% up to £300 + 50 Extra Spins
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Fantasino Casino


  • 3 Types: Instant, Live, Mobile
  • 3 Licenсes: Curacao ...

Fantasino Casino Review

Choose your bonus:

  • T&C

    • New Customers Only: Yes
    • Wagering requirements: 45x
    • Minimum deposit of: £20
    • 100% up to £200 and 50 extra spins
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Roulette Casinos Online

Online roulette is one of the cornerstones of the quintessential casino playing experience. That’s why no online casino would be complete without this iconic fan-favorite. Fairly simple yet highly rewarding, roulette can be a great way to have hours of fun while opening up the opportunity for impressive winnings.

If you’re eager to learn more about roulette casinos, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re breaking down the facts to help you enjoy this casino classic even more.

Roulette at Online Casinos ‒ How to Play

In the real world, roulette is often considered one of the more sophisticated games in the casino. Players must observe certain etiquette if they want to join, and that includes observing the proper dress code. In most offline casinos, roulette can only be played if you’re wearing appropriate, formal attire.

But if you’re interested in enjoying the game without the noise, the crowds, and the dress code, then an online roulette game might be a better choice. Here, rules aren’t really that different.

The online croupier collects your bets and the wheel is spun to return the results. Winnings will be accumulated throughout the game, and they can be cashed into your online casino wallet after you’ve left.

Unlike offline casinos, online gambling sites offer more options than just American, European, or French tables. There are progressive roulette tables, mini roulette tables, and mutli-wheel roulette tables available to play through most of your favorite online casinos. Rules vary slightly from table to table, so be sure to familiarize yourself before you put down a wager.

Top Online Roulette Software

If you want to make sure that you’re playing with the best odds, then it pays to consider your roulette software of choice. Top-tier developers in the online gaming industry are careful to make sure that their games are safe, rewarding, and fun, so you can maximize the experience every time you enter.

Here are some of the best online roulette software choices available:


NetEnt is actually the pioneer when it comes to online gambling games. Starting out in 1996, the company initially served as one of the best offline casino operators in the Scandinavian area. But during the advent of the online gambling scene, NetEnt quickly adapted the change and started offering web-based programs.

One of their best roulette software options includes Roulette Advanced. Offering a high 97.3% return to player rate, this game heightens your chance for better winnings with each spin.

Play n’ Go

Another popular online casino software developer, Play n’ Go has over a hundred games under its belt. This popular provider is an award-winning competitor, thanks to their unique advancements in online gaming development that strives to improve the user experience.

Their Europen Roulette Pro is a big hit among roulette fans. With a return to player rate of 97%, this software supports mobile use and can be accessed through over a handful of browsers and operating systems. The game is also optimized to support 34 different languages so almost anyone can enjoy its immersive gameplay.

Evolution Gaming Roulette

 Paying tribute to their name, Evolution Gaming has developed a range of online casino games that have pushed the boundaries of web-based play. They’re best known for their live casino games that are optimized for maximum enjoyment and truly holistic casino experience.

With native-speaking dealers and their fully customizable Immersive and Immersive Lite systems, Evolution Gaming lets online casinos take control of the experience. Their software lets your web-based casino of choice choose their camera angles and cutaway shots to make the entire game even more realistic.

Mobile Roulette Gaming

There are an estimated 5 billion people using their phones for a range of different functions - and that includes online gambling. That being said, it’s imperative that online casinos and software developers consider the fact that most players will access their facilities from a mobile, handheld device.

In recent years, the effort to improve mobile functionality has been most aggressive. Today, most casino software operators optimize their games for mobile use. So no matter what device you’re using, you can be certain it will be nothing short of immersive.

Mobile roulette games are included in the optimization effort ‒ with some games available through your browser, and others accessible through a dedicated app that requires download. Whichever you choose, a mobile-optimized roulette software can offer loads of fun and seamless functionality and gameplay.

Quick Online Roulette Tips

Want to improve your experience and shovel up big winnings every time you place a bet? Here are some quick online roulette tips worth taking into consideration.

  • Bet on more than one number ‒ Most beginners think that placing a wager down on their lucky number is the best way to win roulette. While that might give you a better chance at winning big, the odds might not be in your favor. Opt to break up your bet and place them down on several different numbers, or even play the outside. Although your winnings might be smaller, you increase your chances of having your bet returned.
  • Choose the right software ‒ Online roulette is best enjoyed through software that puts you right in the middle of the excitement. Take your time to check available options and make sure you’ve chosen a game that’s compatible with your device.
  • Consider the Return to Player Rate ‒  Every online casino game has a return to player rate, and this number tells you how much of your bet you’re likely to win back. The higher the rate, the bigger your chances of winning back more than you put down. RTP rates will usually stand anywhere close to 95%, but more sophisticated games like those from the providers mentioned above can bring you closer to 98%.

Roulette Casinos ‒ Safety

Responsible gaming isn’t just the obligation of the online casino - all players have a responsibility when it comes to upholding the laws that govern online gambling. Before you dive into a roulette game, make sure your chosen software and casino comply with legal standards.


The first step towards opening up an online gambling platform would be to secure licensing. This demonstrates the entity’s dedication to the fair gaming policy that international organizations uphold for player safety and trust.

There are various jurisdictions around the world that grant online casino licensing, and each one requires casinos to meet specific standards before the license is granted. Make sure to read up on the legal section of your online casino of choice to find out whether their roulette games - and all others on their line-up - are available to play under a license.


All online gambling softwares are submitted to third party auditors and testers who work to make sure that the games provided are safe and fair to play. These testers scrutinize these games to make sure they’re not rigged, and to guarantee that personal and payment information are guarded to the highest of standards.

Be wary of online casinos that can’t present any certificates for the games that they offer. Play only through certified casinos with tried and tested games to secure your safety and your enjoyment.


When we send data through the web, that information jumps from server to server to reach its destination and provide you the results you were aiming to obtain. Typically, we browse the web through unencrypted means which basically serves the information we type as plain text. So anyone attempting to hack between your request and your server destination can retrieve the information you send and read it as plain text

If you’re trying to pay online with credit card details, or if you log in to your online gambling account to check the status of payments or withdrawals, an unencrypted connection would put your information and money at risk - especially if there were opportunistic hackers hoping to steal sensitive information.

 Encryption changes the language of inquiries from plain text to code so that only your computer and the server you’re trying to contact can understand the information. Legitimate online casinos will always offer data encryption as one of their main features to help protect your funds and financial information.

Roulette Casinos ‒ FAQs

Will I get a welcome bonus for choosing to play roulette for the first time?

That really depends on the provider and the developer. But more often than not, first-time players can get a welcome bonus for playing roulette. This is to help encourage you to play some more, by giving you more ‘ammo’ to play the game so you can learn the ropes and hopefully, develop an interest in the gameplay.

How do I know if a roulette game is safe to play?

Doing your research can be a great place to start. Before engaging with any online casino, make sure you read their legal page that should be available on their website. This should include all certificates and licenses that the entity holds to support the legality of their operations.

Online casinos that don’t offer this information ready for potential players to read and see should be avoided whenever possible. No matter how enticing their welcome offers might be, performing due diligence before setting down a wager is all part of being a responsible gamer.

 Are there limits on bets when playing online roulette?

Yes, but they vary widely from casino to casino. In the UK, bets will typically range from £0.5 to £5 depending on the tier of the roulette game you’ve chosen. Higher, more expensive tables such as those labeled PRO or VIP tend to charge more than your run-of-the-mill roulette table.

How does the wheel decide on a number?

Unlike in offline casinos, online gambling websites can’t use gravity or physics to move a ball on a roulette wheel. So while there might be graphics right in front of you to demonstrate the real thing, physics doesn’t really apply.

So to produce the numbers for the game, online roulette wheels use random number generators (RNG). These are algorithms baked into the game’s code and what they do is they select a random number to decide where the ball will fall on the wheel. RNG’s are meticulously tested by third-party certification entities, so you can feel secure that they really are random.

How can I deposit and withdraw to play online roulette?

If you’ve spent your welcome bonus and you want to continue playing, you have the option to use a credit or debit card to add funds to your account. Third-party payment channels like Paypal and Neteller are also typically accepted by these platforms. If you’re trying to make a cash-out, enroll your account into the withdrawals page on the website and decide on your chosen amount to cash out your winnings. Keep in mind that it might take a few days to reflect in your account, depending on the casino and your bank of choice.

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