About Me

Dave the dealer Hello everyone,

I’m Dave, and I’m happy you are on my website! This place is fully dedicated to online gambling. Here you can find all the information you need to know about different casinos, slots, software developers, etc. People come here as beginners and leave as professionals. 

My first serious job related to gambling was a casino dealer on cruise ships. It significantly helped me to understand how things work and let me grow in this sphere. Later, I became a casino manager which meant my skills were improving. Overall, I enjoyed what I was doing until I lost my job due to the coronavirus situation. It was totally clear to me that the only thing I was really good at doesn’t help me to build my career anymore. 

So, at that moment I decided to use all my knowledge and gaming experience to play in online casinos. I have to mention that I was not able to do it before as my job contact didn’t allow me to. My new activity was quite successful, which let me think that my skills really matter. The more I played, the more I realized the difference between normal casinos and gaming websites. It was incredibly interesting to find out the pros and cons of both options. At that time, I got an idea about establishing my own gaming website. 

What is special about this place? The data you will find here will allow you to easily recognize trustworthy casinos where you can win money and the dishonest ones that trick their users. The thing is, I don’t get any profit from the gaming sites I mention here, so you can trust my words. Most criteria I use to test the casinos are based on my own experience. 

I would also like to express my gratitude to my wife, Victoria, who helped me to create this website. I could not do it without her help and support. 

If you find the info here useful and helpful, you can make a donation. 

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Thanks again for visiting the website! Good luck with gambling!